Chota wading boots

Chota wading boots

Chota Abrams Creek

Chota Outdoor Gear Abrams Creek Felt Wading Boots

These Chotas are the most comfortable wading boots I’ve ever worn. I fish 180 days a year, mostly on the Madison River in Montana, and I’ve gone through four pairs. You can spend a lot more, but you won’t find a more comfortable boot. I bought these for a friend and he used them for …

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Chota STL Plus

Chota Outdoor Gear STL Plus Felt Wading Boots

Great boot, great fit and has held up well. Sometimes it seems like I can’t get cinched up enough but they still feel solid & tight in the water. I fish more than 200 days a year, wading hard. These boots can last me 2,3 years with changing the cleats. Best boots in the market …

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