Simms RiverTek Boa Boot

Simms RiverTek Boa Boot

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I bought these to compliment my Simms G3 Waders, and have not failed to impress. The BOA system is incredibly easy to use, and cyclists or runners may be familiar with it from their own footwear. The best thing is at the end of the day there is no fumbling with cold, wet fingers trying to get laces matted with sand or grit undone. A quick tug and the BOA releases, and a pull on the tongue and the whole boot opens up allowing you to step straight out of them. They are very comfortable, just like wearing a good quality tramping boot, and after numerous trips around New Zealand’s Lake Taupo region over the 12 months since buying them and they are showing no signs of wear. I’m a convert, and would recommend them to anyone.

The boa’s are a great idea for a boot. Been here and there and everywhere in these boots. Had to replace the boa on one side once. No big deal. I put my studs in these boots and use them for my wintertime fishing. Awesome product by Simms. Light, durable, and reliable! Fish on!

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