Simms Rivershed Boot

Simms Rivershed Boot

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The Simms brand is well known and respected. These boots are light, wide, comfortable and I don’t notice any difference in traction in the stream between these and my old felt soled boots. These boots have much better traction on the slippery bank getting into the water. I thought I was going to kill myself with the felt soles I slipped so much getting to where I wanted to fish. With these I feel confident about walking down the bank.

The boot itself is great. True fit. Well made. But the sole is made to use Simms metal cleats, screwed in, 14 cleats for 2 shoes (7 each). Even when correctly torqued down the cleats can/will come out. The cost of 14 cleats? $26 That’s 26 U.S. dollars for some machined pieces that cost 9 cents to make. Suggestion; if you get the cleats be sure to glue with some sort of cement or you will lose cleats and of course they only come in sets of 14. The boot? Great. The cleats, not so great unless you really like to spend money on replacements over and over and over.

I test gear for Gore, so spend a LOT of time on the water and in the woods beating up all my gear and pushing it to the limits. These boots have not only passed the test, but I’m sure they have saved me a few times! The Streamtred technology has a fantastic grip, even on slippery rocks in the fastest rivers. I no longer miss my felt boots! These boots are not only great for wading, but they have been great for hiking into those hard to reach places as well., If you’re like me, you like to fish in seclusion and off the beaten path. These boots allow you to get there quickly and safely. IF these boots ever wear out, I will be buying another pair. They also drain and dry very quickly so mildew should never be an issue. My fishing buddy already dumped his old pair of of boots for these after Steelheading with me one time last winter! He saw how well these performed in the 0 degree temps that day and was sold!

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Rated 5 out of 5

I got Simms Rivershed as a gift for my son & he’s an avid fly fisherman who needs to have a good pair of wading boots and he’s particular about his gear. After using these, he said that they were exactly what he needed. They provide good traction, warmth, & keep the feet dry.

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