Simms Freestone Boot

Simms Freestone Boot

Simms Freestone Boot reviews:

4.0 rating
4 out of 5 stars (based on 14 reviews)
Excellent: 57%
Very good: 7%
Average: 22%
Poor: 7%
Terrible: 7%

So far a really great boot. Pretty good traction even without the studs or cleats added, and quite comfortable. Seems well-made and like they’ll last a while. I wear size 9 shoes and I bought these ones on size 10 thinking of stocking foots would take more room. Wrong, size 9 must fit better. But not every body has the same nails

I’ve worn this all summer for regular stream fishing and this fall for steelhead. Very good for both and quite warm when standing in very cold water. Snow does not build up on the bottoms like with some felt soles. It seems that my last boots with felt soles had a bit more traction on slimy stones but this boot has more consistent traction on a variety of surfaces.

Bought these boots for my son for Christmas and he says they are a very comfortable and nice fitting boot. He does a lot of fly fishing and his feet get wet so he was anxious to try them out and tells me they are worth the money.

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Simms Freestone Boot Reviews:

The same fit as my old Freestones

5.0 rating

Yellowstone park outlawed felt for 2018 so I bought these to comply with the change . These fit the same as my old ones , are a little easier to get off and on and a little more comfortable . Great boot at a good price . If your looking for felt like traction don’t go with the Alumnibite cleats . The grip was pretty good but after two days of fishing the boots are missing 4 cleats . If cleats are your choice then you may want to step up to the Guide boot as it appears to have a different sub sole and may hold the Alumnibite cleats better .

Great out of the gate

5.0 rating

Purchased a new set from the local Salt Lake Western Rivers flyshop (where I buy all my gear). With in days I am on the river and they were comfortable right from the start, wore them all day and no fatigue or sore muscles in the feet or ankles. I have walked 1 or 2 rivers across the western US, and with this being my second pair of Simms, I have no worries when I hit any river.

Terrible traction

2.0 rating

I generally love Simms products, but I have to say that I’m quite disappointed with these boots. The traction leaves a lot to be desired. I usually fish middle TN waters which are mostly gravel/small stone bottom and they perform well in those conditions. In a freestone river, however, they are terrible (especially if there is any trace of algae). I slipped at least a dozen times and full-on fell 4-5 times on a recent fishing trip to CO. I felt like I was walking on vaseline.

Stiff and stumble

3.0 rating

The quality of the boots is great, but they make navigating and keeping stability in the river difficult. I fish some fairly fast moving water and just walking on the rocky shoreline or the rocky bottom of these rivers is a little sketchy with these boots… they slip and slide around quite a bit. I feel like the soles are too stiff, and don’t flex much to help conform to the rocks just enough to provide better grip. I’ve added lugs to the bottom which helps a little, but more flex in the sole would probably help the most.

Great fitting boots

5.0 rating

Good boots very little break in time and readjust the laces and all good after that . I originally purchased same boot one size smaller the return went smooth and the new ones are a comfy fit

Slippery without cleats

3.0 rating

The shoe fits fine but the treads are extremely slippery on most substrate without cleats. Once I added cleats they worked much better.

Boots are great, cleats not so much

3.0 rating

Shoes are great, but cleats are terrible. To fish on rivers we need to use cleats but they fall out at the end of the day.

Rugged and Dependable

5.0 rating

Great boots, good traction, good durability…everything I was looking for for field work in Alaska

Very disappointing

1.0 rating

The boot is reasonably comfortable, hence the the single star given. As for the promise of grip and no-slip …….. what a joke! When buying a Simms product you would expect to receive what is promised. Instead these boots are a safety hazard especially on free stone riverbeds. You could just as well be ice skating .This boot is waste of money of money and should be removed from the shelf and buried!

Great wading boot.

5.0 rating

These boots hold up well to tough condition in both the salt and freshwater and are very comfortable.

Best Simms boots yet

5.0 rating

Best boots Simms has put together so far, and I’ve had pretty much all of what they’ve made over the last twenty years or so.

Good fit

5.0 rating

Good fit and so far been very comfortable, i have back problems and normally would have to sit and take breaks but so far haven’t had to do the breaks so now i can fish longer


4.0 rating

Works great for Duck Hunting in Rice Fields of Texas.

Awesome boot.

5.0 rating

I fish hard and my Simms boots help me do that. High quality, durable, I wouldn’t expect anything different from Simms.

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