Simms Blackfoot Boot

Simms Blackfoot Boot

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These are made by Simms, they are a high quality product . The price is very misleading. Id expect to pay twice as much in a sporting goods store for these and Id gladly do it. I generally wear an 11 to 11.5 shoe so I ordered 12s. They are an absolute steal for under $100. I’m going to order another set as soon as I can for when these ones wear out however many years down the road.

These boots have taken a licken and still keep working. Very comfortable and durable. I used sheet metal screws for studs. These worked great. Used them for a week long fishing trip in Alaska. Held up great and gave sure footing. Are a good boots for the price.

Good wading boot. I installed sheet metal screws (1/2″) and that made them great on the Middle Provo that can be very slippery in parts of the year.

I have put many a fishing trip on these wading boots by now and they are holding up very well. They are comfortable enough for all day wading (my usual) and for what they are they grip the river bottom well. They could use some studs on the bottom, however, for those slippery spots. The stitching holding the sole to the boot is exposed on the underside and is showing wear from abrasion, however this would be the case regardless of whether the stitching was sunk into the sole more or remained the way it is. Gravel, sand, mud, and rocks wear out thread and get everywhere when wading. I do think some studs added would alleviate this issue somewhat.

As to sizing, I normally wear a size 9.5 shoe and find that, with the 3 mm neoprene booties of a pair of waders, the size 11 fits very well. It is neither too snug so as to cramp nor too loose so as to slip off is stuck in some mud.

These boots are significantly undersized–had to return. I would recommend ordering at least 1 to 2 sizes larger than you normally do.

Used it a few times now and gives great traction in all conditions. I wear a 12 shoe and 13 fits me perfectly. I ordered a 12 initially and it was too tight. Definitely recommend these.

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