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Great boot, will be supplementing my Redington felt sole boots. I ordered one size up from my normal shoe size, as I did on my prior Redington boot and it fits great.

These are pretty good boots. Definitely buy your regular size. I normally wear a size 12 & bought a size 12 & they fit perfectly over the waders. They were also pretty good on slippery rocks, which surprised me since I’m used to wearing felt. They have good ankle support & good for lots of walking.I just bought for a New Zealand back country fly fishing trip & they did great for the trip. I was very impressed. Overall I am very happy with this boot & would definitely recommend.

Just go one size up! Your feet and toes will thank you for it! I liked them so much I ordered another pair in case they discontinue these for some reason.

I have only worn these boots 4 times, but I have found them lighter and more comfortable to wear than other wading boots I have used in the past. Given that I am somewhat clumsy, I can not comment on whether the sticky rubber is superior to other wading boots, but they do provide better support in my opinion. I have had other boots of this nature, but to date, I have found these to be better.

Hiked Tonahutu Creek trail In RMNP in them very comfortable. Did great in Bristol Bay, good price and the shoes held up well

These have been just fine. I haven’t had any difficulty with slipping while in streams and they are reasonably well constructed. Economical choice for the angler who isn’t out every week fishing.

Great boots, great value! I’ve had them about a year and haven’t had any problems. For the shoes on Alaskan fishing trip shoes were awesome

I can’t say enough about how great these boots are. Perfect fit over my waders, unbelievable traction, and they dry out fantastically. Holding up well wading/river fishing. These are comfortable – only problem is now my son tried them and haven’t given them back. great for stream fishing

Haven’t used them yet, but the quality looks good. I got size 13s and my feet are size 11 which allows me to wear 1 to 7 pairs of wool socks. Seems great for the price

This is my first pair of non-felt wading boots so I can’t compare them to others. That said I have been fishing twice using these boots. They a comfortable hiking to and from the water. Once in the river I found the comfort to continue. They also provided great grip and traction while wading. I purchased these wading boots after extensive online research. While there are boots that rate higher these were the optimal cost/benefit choice and I am very pleased.

Boots are awesome, well constructed, and comfortable. Good price. I have not worn them in the water yet but I’m sure they will be fine. I wanted to leave sizing advice: I am normally a size 12. I decided to order a size 13 boot, figuring on socks and the neoprene lining in my waders. Ends up that the 13 was way too big, so I returned and got size 12, which fits fine. I couldn’t find info on this on the manufacturer’s site or Amazon, so I’d figure I’d let you folks know.

This pair of Redington Skagit River Wading Boot just happen to be the best wader boot I have ever used. Previously I had always used felt sole boots and I was a bit concerned about the stability of these boots on rocky surfaces. But, these boots worked perfectly and are extremely comfortable. Excellent product.

I recommend these boots – easy to get on, great value, maybe just a bit on the big side, but snug up the laces and you’re all set. Order the same size as your normal foot. Had to get rid of my beloved felt soles, new law in Missouri. Order one size larger than shoe size.

Just done testing this nice pair .Light even when full of water ,Fast drainage ,will need cleats,got this as a last one ,so guess I’m lucky.Cam in darker than on the picture but there is no issue with this.Was fishing in those for 5-6 hours today at 15 F with extra pair of socks ,purchase one size larger to have some space for that .It is a 5 star product if will get 3 seasons out of them and about 120 fishing trips consider this as rely good,nothing is forever

Let me start by saying these boots are hella comfortable. Good fit and feel on the inside with and without waders. Double up on the socks if you wet wade in them and your golden. As far as durability goes, there still pretty new and I have only gotten 3 months use outta of them so far, but they feel like new every time I lace em’ up. There aren’t any scratches or dings in the rubber or material lining the boot thus far and seem to be holding up real nice. Gotten onto the Big and Little Blackfoot river several times and a few more unmentionables here in big sky country. The traction is amazing on the rocks, wet and dry. The crushed walnut shells added into the sole I feel really gives this boot an edge to anything else out on the market. The only time I did slip was due to a slimy layer of algae that I couldn’t see as I was crossing a small river. Any boot would have lost traction on that hidden hazard, even a studded boot. I’ve had a pair of simms and a pair of cabelas boots in the last 4 years and the Redington feels the most reliable by a long shot. Very stable on off camber terrain. Wet grass, slick mud, gravel, and river bottoms alike, this boot gets a grip! Cheaper by 30 to 50 dollars comparatively to other brands. Get it, you’ll like it.

I was surprised at much difference these boots made on some of the slicker rocks in the river that I frequent. Also not to bad on the banks leading down to the river. Hard to beat at this price. Thank you for shipping the product so quickly. This product was very durable and was very water resistant. Overall this was a good buy on my end. Great boots but definitely not as sticky or stable as felt soles. I will be putting cleats on these to see if it helps.

Used these wading boots in Michigan in April/May 2013 for Steelhead/Trout fishing in temps above 45 degrees. I immediately found these boots to be one of the most comfortable boots hiking to my normal fishing runs. I found that the Skagit boots had an excellent gripping surface. I had no issues wading in flows that I have experienced difficulty before with other brands of boots. I did not use cleats or a wading staff in flows of 2,600 cfs. I am 68 years old and 5′ 4″.

Fantastic product for the price. I would and have recommended to angling friends both guides & non guides I am ordering another pair (maybe pairs) for backup .

I love the new boots and I got them at a fare price and they arrived on time. Thanks so much 🙂 Boots are great, but the laces break real easily. The cord gets cut by the metal in the lacing slots. Maybe a stiffer solid cord instead of layered might work better.

I live in Maryland and we had to go rubber bottoms this year. I was very concerned about the switch from felt to rubber. I bought my husband a pair and myself a pair. This boot was awesome I was nervous the first hour on the stream but as the day grew on I was impressed. My husband likes these boots better than his old felt bottoms. We live in a very rocky area and it is necessary to climb around to get down to the stream. I did not slip once out of the water or in the water. I would recommend these to anyone that is making the switch.

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