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Redington Palix River Wading Boot Sticky Rubber

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I bought these wading boots in October of 2013 and used them all through 2014 in all seasons to fly fish and wade in all different types of terrain from freestone to sand bed rivers and streams. I have probably fished 25 miles of river in these boots. They are very durable and comfortable. The high-tops hug your ankles and give you much stability. I’ve been on very slippery terrain and have had no issues with the sticky rubber soles. If you’re that concerned about it you can purchase Ice trekkers, or a similar product, that can be fitted over the soles. But honestly, you don’t need it.

The most underrated feature of these boots is their comfort. They don’t look like they would be that comfortable. The don’t look like the space boots that Patagonia and Simms and others are coming out with every year with the puffy body and space-age lacing systems. But you really just don’t need that stuff. For example, I recently fished about three miles into a state park when some rowdy (and careless) hunters arrived on the trail a couple hours after me. To avoid risking my life, I walked around the park six miles back to my car – all in my wet wading boots on pavement and dirt roads. You would think this would be the perfect recipe for blisters. While my feet were burning a little bit toward the end, I didn’t get one blister in these boots. That’s how comfortable they are.

These boots will get the job done on any stream or river. If you leave them in open air they will dry quickly and be ready for next day use. I’d say you “can’t beat these boots for the price,” but price has nothing to do with it, in my opinion. These boots are equal to or superior to any on the market.

The grip on these soles has blown me away. my first attempt at the rubber sole always used felt prior to this, but after reading many articles on the damage done by felt soles I decided to go rubber. I was concerned about slipping on rocks but after my first day out those fears quickly went away. They actually have double the grip of the felt soles and are very comfortable to walk in.

I have started fly fishing about 6 months ago. This has been my only wading boots I have owned but I have been extremely pleased with these. They are extremely comfortable. They are easy to get on and off. I would order them one size larger than your street shoes so that you will have enough room for your neoprene booties on your waders and 1-2 layers of wool socks to fit if you are using this for winter fishing. It also did great with one layer of wool socks and my neoprene booties. I usually fish tailgaters so the water stays a constant temperature all year round. With felt soles being outlawed in more and more regions those are great and prevent cross contamination of watersheds. The sticky rubber is great. I have had great traction so far. They do allow for cleat attachment but I have not had to use cleats as these have plenty of traction. They dry out very quickly as well. And you can’t beat this price. I don’t see a need to purchase $300 boots as these are great.

I harp on this and harp on this, but it’s nonetheless true: shoe sizes are tricky. I have normal feet – nothing fancy about them – but in street shoes that are NOT made in Asia, I wear a size 10. In Athletic shoes made in Asia (Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc.) I need a size 11.5, and in a pair of Fila’s I fit comfortably in a 12.5. Thee’s something amiss with the lasts used in Asian manufacturing plants.

Thinking they are made on Asian lasts, and based on an earlier review, I rounded-up to size 12 when I bought these. I guessed wrong. These are much closer to good street shoe sizes than to athletic shoe sizes, and an 11 would have been a perfect fit.

I don’t mind that these are longer than I needed. I’m not going for long treks and the extra length won’t bother me one bit as long as I don’t look down at the battleships on my feet. When it’s time to replace them, I’ll purchase the smaller, correct size.

They are comfortable. The ankle is high – which I definitely wanted. They weigh very little. The water is too cold for much algae right now, but they seem to have a firm and stable grip on the rocks. I’ve scrambled up some mighty steep and rugged banks without any fear of slipping. They dry super fast, even in the cold garage.

They do not have a significant amount of arch support. Many folks would prefer arch support in footwear that they’ll stand in all day, but it hasn’t bothered me much, and if it ever does make my feet feel sore and tired, at least I have enough room in these to add an arch support insole.

If you don’t need or don’t want the top-of-the-line and heavy moon-walking/mountaineering style wading boots but want a light weight and supportive alternative, these are the boots for you. I recommend them.

My husband has the greatest difficulty managing to find wading gear that satisfies him when he goes fly-fishing or ocean wading fishing. He went back to stocking foot waders (llbean) and then searched all over for a pair of wading boots that are comfortable and non slippery. He also has very narrow and hard to fit size 10 feet. These were perfect in a size 11. He has tried them out on slippery, rocky river water and was thrilled. He’s happy and so am I! Great purchase.

the boots themselves seem great. however be careful with sizing. I wear a size 9 street shoe and used the common rule of thumb with wadding boots of purchasing one size larger to accommodate wader boots so I ordered a size 10. makes sense right? but these size ten were absolutely huge even with waders. so much so I sent them back and re-ordered size 9

Received the boots and thought they were going to be too big even with the neoprene footed waders but they were perfect. Overall they have a good grip on the rocks of the NC and TENN streamed and rivers I fish. They dry fairly quickly and are easy to get on and off. I have seen no signs of wear or stress and have about 16 hours of stream walking on them. I highly recommend them.

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