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Korkers K-5 Bomber Felt and Kling-On

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Rated 4.7 out of 5
4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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These boots have been great so far. Sizing is true. The only reason why I did not give this product 5 stars is because of the entry into the boot. The tongue flap is attached up high and therefore entry is tight, even after loosening up the laces all the way up and down the boot. Maybe this is more pronounced in my case because I have a long (size 14) and wide foot. But quality wise these are great. I use them typically over a neoprene wader on the rocks fishing the surf / shore along the New England coast

I like these boots. They are comfy and fit well. I were a size 13 shoe, and these fit my and my layered socks well. My only beef is that even though you get two sets of Omnitrek 3.0 inserts, you only get felt and rubber. I would like to have the option to select the two types of inserts you receive, as I would opt for something studded in the sole. But, for $110 and paired with my Caddis waders, these are a good buy.

UPDATE Nov. 13, 2015: I have had these boots for 3 years, and have worn them approx. 20 times. I had a catastrophic failure of the attach point on the boot where you hook the back of the soles on. There plastic piece that holds the sole in place in the back pulled loose and out, resulting in the lose of the entire sole. So, I was looking at a pair of boots with one being repairable and not being able to accept a replacement sole due to the failure.

I contacted Korkers, and within minutes was asked to supply some information and pictures of the boots. While out of warranty, Korkers acknowledged the faulty boot and shipped out a replacement pair AND the $55 soles I purchased separately. THAT is customer service, and that it why I will continue purchasing Korkers footwear.

this boot worked out just great because I have a hip replacement and a belly. I keep a long shoe horn in my truck and it works as a breeze to slip on, it would be very hard for me to tie a shoelace with this easy pull lace all I have to do is pull it and tuck the end in. Perfect Boot!

Very well made and versatile. Gummy Rubber Soles are a bit to slippery for my liking so I use the felts on stream and rubber sole for getting to the water then I switch. The fit was snug for my size 10 feet with my stocking waders but comfortable. Made it easy to wear with or without waders.

These boots rock. They are extremely reasonably priced for wading boots. They look good. The are well made. A prior reviewer who said the eyelets are not well secured is mistaken. The eyelets are attached extremely well. Also, the interchangeable soles work great. I was plodding around on mossy rocks, thick mud, and gravel, which is par for the course for the shallows of the Potomac River. Again, one reviewer said that the soles came off in mud. I don’t know how this could have happened unless he/she did not attach the soles properly, because I was knee deep in thick, shoe-sucking mud repeatedly and the soles stayed on securely. (I ended up with filthy boots, but that was to be expected. They rinsed fine under the hose when I got home.) I also liked the pull-tight lacing. Finally, I loved that I could order my normal shoe size. I wear a size 10 shoe and these boots in size 10 fit me perfectly (over a pair of Orvis waders with properly sized neoprene booties). These are an excellent pair of lightweight boots.

They arrived very quick. I was happy that they actually had a size 15 since most only go to 13 but i probably could’ve got away with a size 14. They’re comfortable to wear for the long walks up and down the river and back to the truck. The worked awesome.

Purchased these wading boots with extra studded soles to wade in all types of fresh water; they have helped me to keep dry and not go swimming in frigid waters as well as providing sure footing and a general sense of safety. I use them with a wading staff and Personal Flotation Device and feel very safe.

I’ve had other boots, all felt sole. A recent trip to Vermont where felt soles are banned made the purchase necessary. I’m sure there are comparable boots out there, but I don’t think you’ll beat these for the price, and maybe not even then. I purchased a size 9 for myself and a size 10 for a friend. These are both 1 size larger than we wear in regular shoes. (I will copy and paste this review for the size 10’s, too).

These boots were purchased so I can wear the felt sole where they are allowed, yet have the versatility to switch out the sole in water that doesn’t allow felt sole. I was skeptical of a changeable sole, but I should say that these are a “sole plate” and the construction is heavy duty and durable. We fished Vermont rivers with jagged slate rocks and large slick rocks in the water. The rubber soles are much slicker than felt but they did their job. I would like to have had rubber soles with the studs for added traction. After years of felt soles, I almost had to learn how to walk in the water again. The construction of the rest of the boots are sturdy and withstood so truly rigorous terrain. We walked, in water and out, probably between 10-15 miles in 3 days, including some hiking into the Quechee Gorge. These have a simple pull string lace system so there’s no tying knots. Good ankle support. My only negative, and this is a stretch, but my gravel guard the fits around top of boot wouldn’t stay hooked on the D-ring near near the toe of the boot. I know, that’s being picky.

I love these boots and I trust them in any water I’ve ever fished. The way the changeable soles attach is impressively durable and solid. Again, I would recommend finding the rubber soles with the studs, but the soles without studs will do the trick, as well. I would purchase these again and I would highly recommend them.

3rd pair of Korkers and these are the best so far. Great light weight boot even when wet with good ankle support. Soles lock in positively and haven’t come out in some very tough going. Only down side is rubber kling-on soles do not kling on to river stones, use them to walk to & from the stream then swap in the felts!

things worked great, love ’em. real slimy rocks where i was fishing and they gripped real well. only complaint is you gotta find a rock or something to sit on to change soles, small price to deal with when you consider the quality

I will try to update this over the course of the year as to how they hold up and hike. I fish a good bit in waders, 75 – 100 days a year, and tend to hike of the grid. So needless to say I put a solid 300 miles of hiking on a pair of wading boots each year. I have in the past selected wading boots based on their merits as hiking boots and wanted to try something different this go around. I am hopeful that I will be able to just swap the soles out on these annually without replacing the entire boot. As for the boot I think it fit a bit smaller than expected, I ordered a size 12 and usually wear a size 11-11.5 in everyday shoes. My wading pants are a bit over sized and if I wore the correct size the stocking foot would fit into this boot perfectly. My other concern regarding this boot is the lacing system. I was trying to determine if I should go with a BOA system and decided to try out the cheapest Korkers first before jumping with both feet. I think the lacing system works great siting here in my office trying them out but I am not so sure if it will hold up to a years worth of hiking in them. Other than that the boots seem fine at this point, as stated above I will try to do a mid year update and an end of year review to see if they can make it into year two.

Couldn’t decide on a wading boot for forever. So after countless reviews and trying them on at a local sporting goods store I chose theses. Best decision I’ve made. The size runs true. If you wear thicker socks year round it might be a little tight.

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Rough and tough

Rated 5 out of 5

These were my second pair of korkers, and I hear a lot of salty guys say korkers don’t hold up all that well. Well, MINE DO. My first pair, of ten years now, is still in use as a wading boot in summer months. I fish about 20-30 times a year and my gear HAS TO WORK. Korkers do.
That being said… nothing beats korkers with the studded rubber sole on jetties. What a difference, I won’t go one a rock jetty without those soles.
The k5 bomber: its a helluva boot.. maybe too much. It feels really stiff the first couple times out, but it will wear in quick and making walking easier. Out of the box they feel like ski boots. The lacing system on these is fantastic… the top guides are hook style guides like work boots so you can pop the laces out quick and get out of the boot so easily… and getting back in is a dream. The boot is marketed as extremely durable, and they seem very. I even like the drain system… water is expelled thru the bottom, making walking in and out of the light surf effortless.
Great boot! Would recommend!

Korkers Bomber Wading Boot

Rated 5 out of 5

I bought these boot because I fish on the banks of the Cape Cod Canal and need sturdy footwear to walk on the rip-rap. The support and comfort so far have proven to be worth price. I also got the boots on sale cheaper that any where else I could find.

Korker waders

Rated 4 out of 5

These look good. No instructions for changing soles, and internet search referred to tool that was not in box, but it looks like this relates to previous model. I did figure out how to change soles and the attachment seems solid.

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