Korkers Devils Canyon

Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boot

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These Korkers devils canyon wading boots upped my salmon river sprinting game more than any other piece of gear I’ve owned. I’ve never been so sure footed. Worth the extra dough. The carbide spiked soles were out of stock for a while so I had to use the smaller ones that came with the boots on some tough rocks and slippery shale. They performed better than I expected, but I’d recommend making sure to get the soles you need along with the boots rather than waiting to check the boots out like I did.

Just got my Korkers devils canyon wading boots today from a retail store. The concept is great and quality looks top notch. Will have to use before saying anything more. I wanted to post my shoe size as a 12. I ended up buying a size 14 to fit properly. So buyers beware when ordering.

My son and I each bought a pair of Korkers devils canyon wading boots for our last trip to Alaska. We were at times in a small inflatable using the non-studded soles and at times hiking rivers using the studded soles. The swap-able soles allowed us to only have to bring one pair of wading boots – they worked perfectly.

Lightweight, comfortable, and easy on and off. The Korkers devils canyon is a great wading boot! Satisfied with the comfort level.I like versatility of sole configurations.The Boa system makes it easy on old cold hands nothing not to like here.

Lightweight, comfortable. Though, I needed to go 2 sizes up. Great fit and very comfortable

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Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boot
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Korkers Devils Canyon Reviews:

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