Hodgman Bear Creek Wading Shoe

Hodgman Bear Creek Wading Shoe

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The boot is well made, fits well, and has a unique sole that helps with traction on slippery rocks but is still stream friendly didymo.

I purchased these early in this year’s trout season. These are by far the best budget boot that I have tried. I haven’t had the money to drop on a boot that I don’t wear every day like a pair of Korkers. Previously went through a trail lug style and a felt bottom budget wading boot. These boots beat them hands down! I have put many miles of hiking in them jumping from fishing hole to fishing hole. So comfortable and truly stick to multiple subsurface terrains. Of course there is the occasional oddity that can get slippery, but overall excellent grip.

My initial impression was very good, the first stream I entered, the shoes seemed to hold very to the rocky bottom. However on the second day, I had problems with slipping in a different part of the river. May have been affected by the type of algae because when i returned to the first location, worked OK. Other than that, very comfortable and stable.

I have worn them 6 times and have slipped and fallen in the water twice!. If you regularly fish where there are a lot of slippery rocks avoid these wading shoes. Wading boots arrived early then stated, were comfortable and slipping on rocks was almost non existent, great boots.

These boots are perfect with my waders and no felt soles! Just don’t walk in slimy bottomed rivers you’ll fall down and get wet.

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