Caddis Explorer Wading Shoes

Caddis Men's Taupe Felt Sole Wading Shoe

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Wore these recently surfcasting. They worked well and i had no problems although a few days later i noticed rust stains around all the lace eyelets. Other than that a great product.

Because they’re going right back. Make sure you check local regs, felt soled boots are illegal in Maryland, Vermont, and a few other states. Supposedly improperly cleaned felt transfers a bad algae between streams. Hopefully the rubber soles work just as good, I’ll be getting those next and will post a review.

Edit: So I’m sure these work great, I had Caddks felt before and bought them again, only to find out they’re illegal. I bought the rubber soles and they do work well? Ok? Well, not as good as felt. But I understand why we can’t have nice things in this case, so I’m ok with it. These guys make great gear, so If you can get these and use them where you live without risking heavy fines, this is the ticket. Their rubber sole ones work pretty good too.

Great wading shoe. As a matter of fact ordering another pair today!

Very nice wading boots. I use them in Western NC in the trout streams and they work well with my stocking foot waders.

beautiful and comfy pair of boots. solid construction

These were just used for a full weekend at Lees Ferry. After the weekend, I can share a two key pieces of information I would be looking for:

These are the most comfortable and light boots that have ever gone over my stocking foot waders.

I washed them up in the garden hose last night and they look good as new. I was surprised to see no damage done to the felt sole as well, after all I was crunching dozens of beer cans flat on the bank, the boat, and miscellaneous other surfaces.

Seriously, great boots.

Perfect. Worked great in the water I fish. Not once did I loose my footing. Very comfortable and easy to walk in.

Good cheap shoe but when used the very first day the threading around the molded rubber stretched out. The next day (fishing trip) it separated more so there is little “loops” all the way around the boot. To be fair it did not leak or separate yet but I have a feeling that it will. Would like a replacement if possible and need to pursue that.

Worked great, fit out of the box. Felt worked great on the slippery rocks of the Farmington River in CT. Nothing fancy, just what you need to get in the river. I would recommend them to a friend.

Good boots for the price. I aquaseald mine up and have lasted 2 good seasons likely will make it a third after replacing the laces. Without the aquaseal the seams would have fallen apart after 3 -4 uses guaranteed.

I have used these about 10 times now and really like them, I don’t slip at all on mossy creek bed rocks. Also like the heel loop, it helps when putting the boots on.

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